Maximize Profits: Switch from Fluorescent to LED Signage

I. Introduction

Did you know that your business’s fluorescent sign could be costing you more than you anticipated in terms of energy and cost? This article will introduce the benefits of LED signage and highlight why it’s a smart choice for your business.

Maximize Profits: Switch from Fluorescent to LED Signage

II. The Problems with Fluorescent Signs

Fluorescent signs come with their own set of issues. They are made out of glass tubes that break easily and produce very little light for the amount of energy they use. Furthermore, the maintenance of a fluorescent sign can be costly, and they are limited in terms of color combinations and illumination.

III. The Benefits of LED Signage

LED signage, on the other hand, is a cost-effective and durable alternative. LED lights have a lifespan that is 25 times longer than their fluorescent counterparts, sometimes even lasting for over 25,000 hours! That equals almost three years of continued use. Moreover, LED signs provide a greater return on investment for your commercial signage.

IV. The Advantages of LED Storefront Signage

LED signage offers 24/7 advertising and is not impacted by cold weather like fluorescent signs. They don’t burn out like fluorescent lights and switching to LED signage can bring significant financial benefits.

V. Why HiWay Neon Signs is the Best Choice for Your LED Signage Needs

HiWay Neon Signs has been creating custom commercial signage in the Rio Grande Valley since 1950. They embrace new technologies for the benefit of their customers and ensure their LED signs are in top shape.

Maximize Profits: Switch from Fluorescent to LED Signage

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, LED signage offers numerous benefits over fluorescent signs. If you’re considering a switch, HiWay Neon Signs is ready to help. Contact them today for your commercial signage needs.

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