Illuminating Your Events: How LED Neon Signs Transform Occasions

We love working with event planners, and we love them back! These are the most frequently asked questions we’ve gotten throughout the many years. They can assist you to plan how to successfully use your LED neon signs at your next event. Do you have any questions that we didn’t cover here? We’d be happy to assist you with any questions regarding placing, ordering and creating your signs with lights to make your event extra special.

When do I need to place my order?

We’ll design your LED neon sign and ship it to you within a couple of weeks. It is likely that you will require a few hours to consider the manner in which your sign is displayed at the event. Therefore, we suggest giving yourself the extra time as you can.

How do I match the colors of my sign to the color scheme of the event?

We have our color options shown – look them up and then compare them to your preferred color palette. Keep in mind that the exact hue of your LED neon sign will be different depending on the location it is placed at night or during the day, whether outside or inside. In the end, your sign will still excite your guests and attract attention to your message, regardless of whether the Pantone color swatch is a precise match.

Where is the best spot to put up the sign for my event?

It is strongly recommended that you put up your LED neon signs indoors in an the area where people are likely to be able to spot the signs. Our signs are not waterproof, so take that into account when deciding on the location of your sign. The power cord for the sign is approximately 6 feet long, therefore, you must ensure that there is a power source that will allow for it. We can include a 10 foot power cord for an additional fee if you’re in need of it. If you require a larger cord, an extension can be used. If you are using an extension cable, be sure that it’s rated for the purpose and utilize common good sense when it comes to security.

How do I move a sign from/to the event?

When moving the sign, we recommend keeping it in the original box. Avoid people tripping or stepping onto the sign by keeping it off the floor. LED signs last longer than neon signs, however they are still susceptible to damage from rough handling.

What are some suggestions to photograph the LED neon sign?

Many event planners wish to highlight their handiwork on Instagram, TikTok or other social media platforms with pictures and video. Incorporate your neon sign in your posts on social media to keep advertising your brand or message. It is possible to use your sign for your step-and-repeat. Inform your photographer so they can alter the sign. The timing of the day, camera stability and balance of light are all important elements when capturing the sign. Here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t use a flash
  2. Open your camera’s aperture and make sure that the aperture is to a minimum.
  3. Close-up shot of the sign
  4. Ensure your shutter speed is above the 1/1000th of a second
  5. Test your photos in the same light as the event room to determine if your photographer has to troubleshoot before the event.

What do I do with this sign following the event?

There are so many options! Here are a few of our faves:

You can include it in your event costs to ensure that your guest will be able to keep the sign for many years to come.

* Use it for you next event

It is possible to sell it to a person who wants to make use of it locally.

* Donate it to a worthy cause to be used in a raffle or auction, or to hang in their office

• Give as a gift to a client or friend

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