Signs of Wisdom: 3 Brilliant Techniques for Prolonging Your Neon Sign’s Glow

Another year has passed and a new sign was pulled from the books of history. This time, it’s a scenario we’re all too familiar with that is fueled by the ever-changing attitude toward conserving something at one time pure and beautiful – around. Affiliating with that sign that has brought you joy over the years can ultimately aid the next generation to appreciate these handcrafted beauties of metal and glass. You can save a sign by either moving it into your business or giving it away to a museum with the authority to display it for display in public. It’s tempting to talk about how wonderful signs once were, but you haven’t been capable of resisting the urge to do something about it. Check out these three creative methods to save a neon sign more effectively than you ever imagined was possible.

1. Document

The search results for custom neon signs are up nearly 300 percent on Google as folks are looking for inspiration from neon signs. The way it works is: You begin with a neon sign, and make a treatment plan. City offices or funding agencies as well as historical societies are fond of these plans because they can save a lot of time by taking a photo, showing the height of the sign, and the current condition of the building. Still not convinced? Consider starting with the construction age, the construction type, and the materials. Then proceeding to the number of transformers will provide you with a list of items that can be quantified. This will enable them to figure out how much they could save on the sign.

2. Host your challenge

Create and host your own “save the neon sign” challenge. Private Facebook pages and group boards are an excellent method to draw all kinds of good vibes from your family and friends who share the same passion for saving signs. There is no need to search for a group that interests you. Why not begin one? To create a compelling narrative it is possible to post pictures of dangerous signs or announce a crowdfunding campaign to fund a specific neon sign.

3. Find New Sign-Saving Tips

There are so many ways to preserve signs. Small business agencies as well as local city planners can aid in the rehabilitation of neon signs. Use the National Park Service, Secretary of Interior’s Standards (Standards) for guidance. The 1991 Preservation Brief No. The 1991 Preservation Brief no. 25 will offer information about the details of historic signs and best practices and give you details on the kinds of regulations that could be in place.

If you find all this confusing, you should speak with an expert in sign preservation. Here are a few suggestions to be able to offer more information, support for research, and general advice.

  • American Sign Museum, Cincinnati (OH)
  • Glendale, CA Museum of Neon Art (MONA)
  • Ignite Sign Art Museum, Tucson, AZ

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