LED Sign Excellence: 5 Key Techniques to Make Your Display Stand Out

You’re looking for the top LED signage for your business. LED neon signs provide a wide range of options for communication and distinctive concepts that are a major benefit over static signage.

This technology is relatively new in the field of advertising. You might not be aware of the capabilities of LEDs. Here are some of the things you need to focus on when determining if your LED display functioning well.

Here are five great suggestions to consider if you’re thinking about upgrading to LED signage.

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5. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience’s needs is crucial to the success of any form of advertising. Targeting the right demographic for your company is key to ensuring that you don’t lose your existing customers.

Most often, LED neon signs are effective on major highways and roads. To design the best-LED neon signs, it’s essential to take into consideration traffic stop signs and speed limitations. It’s also helpful to perform “drive-by” tests to determine the effectiveness of your sign’s timing and visual appeal. So, you’ll have an idea of what your audience is looking at, and then you’ll be able to improve your displays by analyzing the results.

4. Get Your Message

The goal of all business signage of any type is to entice your customers to take action. LED displays are a better alternative to traditional signage when it comes to getting more people to your door or informing your core customer base about future specials and deals that may interest them.

First, you must identify a single primary message. What is the most important item or the most crucial information regarding your business? Try to craft an announcement that conveys the information in a straightforward, but powerful way. Also, ensure that your sign displays the message at least every hour. This allows you to communicate with your audience directly and keep them coming back to your door.

Be careful to not overload your graphics with superfluous info, as this can cause the opposite effect.

3. You must ensure that you create your signage in a professional manner

Although this may seem obvious, many people have difficulties deciding on the best way to design the perfect LED display. This is particularly true when they aren’t knowledgeable about the principles of graphic design. As you’re likely to imagine, an eye-catching style is crucial to the success of a display. An attractive design can make your company be noticed and attract more customers to come to it.

After your designer has designed an amazing design, it’s important to verify the content on the actual display. Every time an LED neon sign is changed, you or someone who is in charge should examine the sign. It is essential to look at your sign from the customers from a different perspective to ensure the best possible experience for them.

2. Use Your LED Sign’s Full Motion Capability

The most effective way to make sure that your message is drawing interest is to employ motion. This is especially true if your display is located within a crowded visual landscape. LED signs excel at displaying full-motion patterns.

Each LED sign is capable of simple animations and transition effects. Some can show high-definition video clips. All of these things can truly help you catch your audience’s interest. When these videos grab your audience’s attention make sure you immediately follow up with your message.

1. Keep your Sign’s Message Up-to-Date

The main reason LED signage is so appealing is its ability to change your message according to new offers or incentives. This is one of the reasons that make LED displays far more cost-effective in the long run than traditional signs, which cost money every time they need changing, whether by having someone pay to physically change it, or buying new signage completely. This issue is solved by LED signage.

Remember this whenever you launch a new offer, make sure that your LED signage is up-to-date with the latest information. Although LED signs are attractive they may become outdated quickly if they are not frequently updated. Displays with expired deals on them could be distracting and can make your company look disorganized or out of touch or even lazy.

Always make sure your LED sign software can be accessed on the go for final minute changes. And if your software allows it, you can set a specific start and end date for each promotion, then simply load these promotions ahead of time.

Bartush is the ideal choice for you if you want to make the switch to LED signs. For more than 50 years our team has designed creative commercial displays. Bartush is the most reputable business name in the industry. Contact us for any concerns or questions, or to talk about LED signage options for your company.

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