Neon Sign Maintenance: When to Switch It On and Off

The decision of whether to keep neon signs on 24/7 or turn off the lights from time to time is something that many people are thinking about and if you’re uncertain about this, keep reading this article to learn more about this question.

The life span of neon LED signs is between 8 and 15 years according to. This raises the perennial question: Should I keep my neon sign up or should I take it down? The answer is yes experts recommend you keep the sign-on. Here are some reasons why neon signs should be left on.

Neon LEDs don’t use a lot of energy:

I’m sure that many of you are worried about the expense of neon signage. While neon signs are extremely efficient, they consume an average of 60w to 100w. The cost is almost nothing so you can rest assured that neon signs won’t drain your pocketbook if left on. !

It might appear to be contradictory, however, keeping neon signs up 24/7 will make it last longer:

I was stunned when I first heard it However, science is not without its ways. After I searched it I realized that plugging and unplugging your sign wears out the transformer faster and decreases the lifespan of your neon sign. This is why keeping it on is much more recommended.

Neon LED signs can be used safely:

Some people might think that neon signs can set off an explosion, cause a fire, or leak gas that is dangerous. However, this is simply not true. Neon LED signs are completely safe. LED signs aren’t breakable, and they won’t get hot like conventional neon signs. The LED strip is constructed of silicone strips that are even friendly to babies. Many people believe that neon signs are high voltage which isn’t the case, as they only use a small voltage to power the neon sign, which is the reason they’re not hazardous even.

Neon LED signs are quiet:

If you’re thinking that keeping neon signs on will cause you discomfort or any nuisance, let me inform you that neon signs are comfortable and do not emit any sound whatsoever and they are silent.

Neon LEDs can be attracted by:

You might be thinking “what is the risk if I’m out and my kids touch it, can I risk that” However, here’s the thing you’re missing: touching neon signs has no side effects at all They are completely friendly 😉

Popular questions about neon signs:

When it comes to neon signs, people have a variety of different opinions and keep having vague answers for what they want to be aware of, which is the reason I’m here to answer the most commonly asked question about neon signs and their safety

1. How long will neon LED signs last?

If they were all day long, they are more likely to last between 8 and 15 years. some might stop before that but usually, that’s their average lifespan. The adapter is usually what causes the problem, however, it is possible to replace them.

2. How do you take care of the neon LED sign?

Led signs are environmentally friendly and maintenance-free.

3. Why do neon LED signs fade over time?

Many people think that neon signs dim, and their lights dim because they are overused or were kept on for too long a period, but this is not the case. There are a variety of reasons why neon light bulbs fade. The good news is that it’s not an issue and can be fixed easily. The reasons why neon light bulbs fade:

  • Low power: the voltage source could be too low for the neon light. That might be the reason your neon sign is either blinking or dim: it’s not getting high enough voltage.
  • Wires that are damaged: Since wires are easily broken, your neon light will begin to dim. In this situation, you just need to find the broken wire, fix it, and then your neon will glow again.
  • A defective transformer can lead to many issues. To prevent this from happening, make sure you get a transformer that is able to provide the voltage your neon sign needs.

4. How much will keeping a neon LED sign on for 24/7 cost you?

It’s not expensive to leave your neon sign up for 24 hours and it’ll cost you about 20 cents per day. This is less than a 75-watt light.

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