Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your LED Neon Sign

A great way to bring a new twist to any space is to use LED neon signs. You would be amazed at the impact one sign can have on a space’s vibe. They can be easily missed and infuse certain energy. You need to look after your LED neon sign to make sure they remain bright and shiny. You can make sure they have the same dazzling effect as you desire and will last much longer.

You may be wondering how to clean your LED neon sign. It is very simple. LED neon, unlike traditional neon, has hundreds of tiny light-emitting diodes (LEDs), encased within synthetic polymer tubing. The tubing can be bent or cut to any shape that you desire. This polymer tube is easy to clean, as opposed to traditional neon lights made of glass that get extremely hot. It is possible to keep your LED sign looking great with very little effort. A traditional neon sign would require a professional electrician to clean it.

Here are some tips on how to maintain and clean your LED neon signs.

1. Hang it in the right spot

Signs are usually purchased in a designated area. Easy installation is the best thing about LED neon signs. They are also durable and can be made waterproof, unlike traditional glass neon signs. It might appeal to you to mount it in unconventional places. An LED neon sign is half of the fun.

While the sign is waterproof, an adapter and a cable are required to plug it into a wall socket. Like any electrical appliance, you should limit the amount of water and elements that it is exposed to. You should order your sign with an acrylic case if you intend to hang it outdoors. By doing this, you can avoid any damage from passing motorists or weather conditions. A second strategy is to avoid letting your LED neon sign hang directly under an AC unit. Dripping condensation can cause damage to the sign and lead to dust.

Our signs come with a transparent acrylic backing for easy installation. Signs are safe for use in all weather conditions. The PVC tubes of our signs have been sealed with silicone glue at the ends to prevent moisture from entering.

2. You should dust it regularly

LED neon signs are easy to maintain and use. Even if you drop the sign, the acrylic backing and not the lights will be damaged. It’s almost impossible to open the polymer tube that houses the LEDs. They also don’t emit heat.

Neon signs made of glass glow hot when used are the traditional ones. You can also drop them, which will release hazardous gases and glass particles everywhere.

How can you get rid of dust from an LED neon sign? Easy. You can use a feather duster to get rid of any loose dust. Use a soft cloth, or a bristle nylon brush to remove any remaining dust. Make sure to unplug the sign before cleaning it. The sign may feel slightly warm if it has been left on for a prolonged period. Allow it to cool before dusting.

3. Get Rid of Stains and Grime

These are some tips to help you clean up stains on your LED neon sign. It will need to get wet, so make sure to unplug the sign first. In a container, combine half a quart of water with half a quart of household ammonia. You can then use this mixture to wet an absorbent cloth. It’s okay to use water, vinegar, baking soda, or plain water if ammonia is not desired.

It is easy to clean and maintain your LED neon sign with the polymer casing. The location and speed at which your sign gets dirty will determine how often you need to clean it. It is not recommended that you soak your sign in water or use harsh chemicals. will help you to restore your sign if it is damaged by paint or other substances that are not easily cleaned.

4. It can be turned off and on again periodically

If your sign is used continuously, we recommend turning it off for 24hrs every 14 days. This can prolong the sign’s life. A dimmer can be added to your sign to make it easier and increase its lifespan.

5. Have it professionally fixed

The question of how to repair an LED neon sign is quite different from the one about cleaning it. Although it is very easy and affordable to fix them it is best to leave it to trained professionals. Signs can be damaged in a variety of ways. There are often indicators to show the cause. If your sign isn’t working and the transformer’s status lights are flashing, then the transformer may have a short circuit. There may be a short circuit somewhere. If your sign isn’t lighting up, you can try adjusting the cable. Sometimes the transformer might have gone out of control, as indicated by a missing status light.

These cases can be easily identified and solved. Radikal Neon signs are covered by a warranty. This service is completely free! Our standard and custom LED neon signs are covered by a 12-month warranty.

6. It can be replaced if necessary

Sometimes, it is impossible to clean or repair an LED neon sign. How do you keep the vibe going? You can replace it! LED signs have a shorter lifespan than traditional neon signs. However, LEDs are easier to maintain and replace. Radikal Neon signs can last up to a massive 4000 hours or for over four years.

If you purchase from the right company, you can be assured of top-quality neon signs that will last longer and are easy to clean. Radikal neon is trusted worldwide by our customers and receives 5-star reviews on our service and products. Select from hundreds of ready-made designs or customized ones to create your sign. Stay tuned to our blog and check out our FAQs for additional tips on how to maintain your LED neon sign.

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