9 Advantages of Incorporating Neon Signage into Your Wedding Decor

The most significant event in a person’s life is the wedding. Decoration of the space plays an important role in the event.

Some prefer luxury and glamour, while others favor a modest but still beautiful and efficient decoration. Neon signs are becoming more popular than flowers and candles.

The 80s saw custom neon signs become very popular, and they are now making a comeback at big doors. Neon signs are often associated with casinos or bars. However, they are now more commonly seen at weddings and other celebrations.

This article will highlight the many advantages of using neon signs at a wedding.

1. You can personalize it

The best part is that this inscription can convey a meaningful message to you. You have the option to create a humorous or romantic slogan, which is not only known to your partner, but also to other labels such as Happiness, Forever Together, You, I, and Happiness. To find out more, you can visit the website.

2. Dimmed lights

The marriage should create a relaxed, intimate, and pleasant atmosphere where everyone can feel at ease. Lighting plays an important role in that. As the evening progresses and guests relax more, the dance floor gets fuller.

If the room is dark, you can dance in it. However, if the lights go out and the neon sign that says the symbolic message or the names of the newlyweds remains on, it will be ideal for opening a dancing night.

3. The ideal place for photo shooting

While you might have hired a professional photographer, many people take selfies with smartphones all night. It’s a hit! We think all your guests will notice the sign. Let’s forget about stereotypes and start taking photos in common places.

4. You can also use it for the honeymoon

The decorations that are not used during the event will most likely be forgotten. The flowers will die, the candles burn, the tablecloths and champagne glasses will all be carved. The LED neon sign you have is still functional. These inscriptions will be a great addition to any interior design project.

5. A sign will indicate the direction.

You can also direct your guests to exciting places with the sign. The season’s new illumination will replace the attractive wooden signs. This means terms such as ‘Welcome’ and ‘Let’s dance’ can be used to direct guests to the part of the party that is the wedding.

6. It doesn’t generate heat

It is well-known that light bulbs heat up when they are turned on and can raise the temperature. Neon signs are now made of LED lights so you don’t have any worries about this.

7. Why is LED lighting more costly than traditional lighting?

LED light sources are composed of electronic elements that convert electricity into light. It is an innovative technology that is constantly improving its performance and decreasing in price. It is a good comparison to desktop computers that were expensive and slow at first, but are fast and easily accessible today.

8. Is this lighting durable?

The service life for neon signs can be up to 100,000 hours depending upon the quality of their manufacturer. This means that maintenance costs are almost negligible. Solid-state devices such as LEDs (SSL – Solid State Device) will not fail, but the intensity will decrease so that it becomes almost indestructible to the naked eye.

9. Neon light: Advantages and disadvantages

The long-lasting neon lights also have low electricity consumption. Some estimates suggest that these lights use up to half the electricity of traditional light sources.

Additionally, they can be installed on almost any surface. Neon gives off a special glow and does not give off contrasting colors. You can find it in any color, or even all shades. There are downsides to neon lighting, especially if it’s gas-filled.

They are filled with gases so it is essential to use care when installing, especially considering the fragility of the lamps. Also, this type of lighting will not provide enough light for your room and should not replace the main source.

Final thoughts

Neon inscriptions as decorations for spaces are a bold idea. We suggest photos or posters that include them as motifs.

Consider the neon sign a piece of art. Place it on the wall in a way that makes it the focal point of the wall, or make it part of the gallery.

Use smaller labels as large labels could cause too much clutter in a small space. Pay attention to how intense the light is, and the lighting in the surrounding rooms. Neon signs may not be the best choice if a large statement chandelier or floor lamp is already in your living area.

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