You’ve decided to enter a bright, colorful world. Or at least, that’s what it looks like from the side.

It’s a pleasure to get to know you before we start. We are THE NEOIST, an international manufacturer of LED neon signs. Since 2006, we have been making the world brighter. We focus our efforts on markets in the USA, Canada, and Hong Kong, also known as the “Land of the Neons”.

We opened a third studio in Tampa Florida in 2018 (because there is no place like home). This will allow us to share our knowledge and the raw materials that we use around the world with the American consumer.

However, there is still a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about LED neon. We decided to do what we love best: dive deep into LED neon signs and explain why they are the best switch to turn on your business to make it more profitable in 2022.

What is LED NEON?


LED is a new lighting technology with many advantages over traditional lighting sources. They are safer to touch and have lower energy consumption. LED neon signs are gaining popularity because of these factors. LED neon signs are on the verge of becoming even more popular than neon glass lights.

NEON, a red-orange inert gaz that fills glass pipes with light and shines when it is combined with high voltage electricity, is. Since the 1980s, this technology has allowed messages and letters of all shapes to shine brightly thanks to its versatility.

A neon sign with a nostalgic look is created when you combine a hollow colored PVC pipe (instead a glass tube) and small LED light bulbs. This product is known as a NEON.

The Neighbor’s LED NEOIsn’t Always Greener


As with all things in life, neon LED signs can be found in many different qualities.

Practically, the same neon LED design can be sold by multiple companies with prices that vary by hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Be careful not to claim you got a lower quote elsewhere. Here are the key differences that led to these price differences.

1. LIFESPAN – LED lightbulbs last for 1,000 hours and LED lightbulbs last for 60,000 hours.
The NEONIST uses industrial-grade neon. Signs are available with a minimum life expectancy of 50,000 hours. We don’t use low-quality materials.

2. BACKING – Professional neon signs are typically built with acrylic backing. Less expensive signs can be made from backing made of a mixture of plastics such as clear or polycarbonate.

3. WORK QUALITY – Neon signs can only be made by hand. It can be difficult to produce customized products that match each other exactly (to the millimeter), as with all handmade products. If products aren’t meticulously made, they may have poor connections, such as crooked letters or electrical problems that reduce the sign’s life span… and other problems.

4. WORK METHOD: There are two methods currently accepted for making neon LED signs by hand.
The first is Gluing. LED pipes are connected directly to acrylic backings with glue. This is the cheapest method, but if done poorly it can result in a design that is distorted and filled with glue residues.
The second: Cutting – Acrylic is cut using a CNC machine. The LED is then placed directly into the acrylic backing. This allows for cleaner work, uniform lighting, and greater precision.

5. STANDARDIZATION and SAFETY- The priority! Safety permits and stamps from standards associations are essential for any electrical appliance that you bring into your home. The LED and transformer must be compliant with US standards. THE NEONIST meets stringent RoSH CE safety standards.

6. WARRANTY – Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on a product without a warranty. Yet, this is a common occurrence in signage. Low-quality LED light bulbs may not last for long. Neonist offers a 24-month warranty on all parts.

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